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  9/16: Asian American ACA Enrollment
  'Disproportionately High'

  9/16: Full Report - State of Asian
  Americans and Pacific Islanders

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  9/16: Program Coordinators for Middle
  School and High School Mentoring

  9/17: Civic Engagement Associate

Asian American Impact Fund

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Film - Last Days of Vietnam
  9/11-10/4: Terracotta Daughters
  9/17-10/15: Phantom India
Production Magic - From Prelim to
  9/18: Breaking the Silence on Wartime
  Sexual Violence in the Asia-Pacific War
  9/23: From Chinatown to Every Town -
  New Patterns of Employment for Low-
  Skilled Chinese Immigrants in the US

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  June 20, 2014
  11th Annual CUNY Asian American
  Film Festival

  Results Online

  Spring 2014
  CUNY Thomas Tam Scholarship
  Submissions Being Reviewed

  Fall 2014
  CUNY Ethics and Morality
  Essay Contest

  Essay Due: 10/14/14

  September 29, 2014
  CUNY Conference on Asian American
  Economic Empowerment

  October 10, 2014
  CUNY Mapping Seminar
  Book Panel

  November 20, 2014
  AAARI 13th Annual Gala


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Evening Lecture Series

Sept 26,  2014
Obesity Risk Reduction Behaviors among Chinese Americans
Doreen Liou & Kathleen Bauer

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Begins @ 6:15PM EST

Upcoming Lecture
Oct 17, 2014
Diverse Early Childhood Education Policies and Practices

Amita Gupta


Past Events

January 6, 2014
Forum on Transnational
and Translational Asian
American Studies

May 5, 2014
AAARI Annual Conference
Rethinking NYC's Asian American Communities

May 30, 2014
Tak Furumoto: A Leadership
Success Story


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