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Asian American Leadership in CUNY
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  8/22: Asian American Population
  Surges, But Voter Turnout Still Lacks
  8/25: California Senate passes bill to
  expand definition of 'Asian American'
  8/26: New Report on Asian Elders in
  New York City

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  8/25: Manhattan Community Award
  8/26: Communities of Color Nonprofit
  Stabilization Fund - Request for

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Reclaiming Vietnam

  9/9: Writing/Teaching Queens - A
  Conversation with Patricia Park &
  Bushra Rehman
  9/9-10: Peace On Your Wings
National CAPACD 16th Annual
  9/26: CSAAH 8th Biennial Asian
  American Native Hawaiian Pacific
  Islander Health Conference

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  Spring 2016
  CUNY Thomas Tam Scholarship
  Winner & Honorable Mention Selected

  July 27, 2016
CUNY Asian Film Showcase

  Part of 39th Asian American
  International Film Festival

  August 14, 2016
NYS Assembly District 65 Candidates
  Co-Sponsored Event

  August 23, 2016
NYS Senate District 16 Candidates
  Co-Sponsored Event

  Fall 2016
  CUNY Ethics and Morality
  Essay Contest
  Essays Due: 9/30/16

  Fall 2016
  AAARI 15th Annual Gala


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Evening Lecture Series

April 15, 2016
Mary Ting, On Art: Grief, Guanyin & the Elephants

Mary Ting

Video Online

Upcoming Lecture
23, 2016
Unfamiliar Harbors:
A Jamaican Chinese Archive of Intimacies from Kingston to Kowloon

Tao Leigh Goffe


Past Events

May 6, 2016
Asian American Leadership at CUNY and in Higher Education

May 13, 2016
AAARI Annual Conference
Resurgent Realities: East Coast
Asian American Studies

May 27, 2016
CUNY Asian American
Film Festival


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