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  6/20: Road Trip Project Highlights
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  6/20: Only 1 In 5 New Board Appointees
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  6/20: Why the Slants Took a Fight Over
  Their Band Name to the Supreme

  6/20: 'Muslims in America' Portraits
  Showcase Community's Diverse Roots

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  6/16: Public Health Outcomes

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  6/27: The Asian Ameican Vote
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  May 23, 2017
Building Coalitions & Coalescing a
  Pan-Asian/Pacific/American Identity

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  May 26, 2017
  CUNY Asian American Film Festival
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  CUNY Thomas Tam Scholarship
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  CUNY Ethics and Morality
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  Fall 2017
  AAARI 16th Annual Gala


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Evening Lecture Series
May 12, 2017
Koreatown Redevelopment and the LA Garment Industry
Angie Y. Chung

Video Online

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Fall 2017


Past Events

Fall 2016
CUNY Ethics and Morality
Essay Contest

March 16, 2017
Unsettled: The Cambodian
Refugee in the NYC Hyperghetto

April 12, 2017
From Research to Resistance:
AAPI Activist Scholar & Community Leader Convening


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