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The Asian American / Asian Research Institute (AAARI) was established on November 19, 2001, by The City University of New York (CUNY) Board of Trustees, in a resolution introduced by Chancellor Matthew Goldstein. The Institute is a university-wide scholarly research and resource center that focuses on policies and issues that affect Asians and Asian Americans. It covers four areas: Asian American Studies; East Asian Studies; South Asian Studies; and Trade & Technology Studies.

Our Mission
The City University of New York, with 24 institutions city-wide, is rich in faculty who have expertise in Asian and Asian American studies. As of Fall 2016, CUNY enrolled over 50,714 (20.8%) Asian undergraduate and 4,639 (15.8%) graduate students who will soon emerge as a vital segment of New York City’s workforce and leadership. Asians represent over 5,980 (13.2%) faculty and staff at CUNY.

The Asian American/Asian Research Institute seeks to achieve the following:

  • to be an Asian intellectual and cultural center that addresses the  needs of New York’s diverse ethnic subgroups of Asian origin

  • to be a respected authority regionally, nationally, and internationally, on issues concerning Asia, and the Asian American community

  • to stimulate the study of Asian people, languages, cultures, and countries as well as Asian immigrants and their descendants who live in the U.S.

  • to bring together a community of scholars and channel their scholarship and research energies on Asia and the Asian American experience

  • to identify timely issues that affect the Asian and Asian American communities

  • to conduct scholarly, unbiased studies impacting policy and community concerns

  • to disseminate its research results and educate the public about  Asian and Asian American issues

  • to serve as a bridge between CUNY, and the Asian American community

Our Accomplishments

  • Established a weekly public lecture series featuring over 190+ topics

  • Received the following grants: CUNY Diversity Grants to produce the “Chinatown in the 21st Century” workshop, and conference on “Asian American Women,” Verizon Foundation Grant to conduct the “Community/ Academia Hi-Tech Bridge Workshop,” Ford Foundation Good Neighbor Grant to fund Lecture/Cinema Series

  • Provided funding for research proposals by six CUNY faculty members

  • Produced nine major conferences, including Asian American Leadership: Healing and Rebuilding New York after 9/11; Global Entrepreneurship: Economic Development for Asia and the U.S.; South Asians and the Diaspora; The Well-Being of Asian American Senior Citizens; Caribbean Asians: The Journey Continues; Asian American Women: Celebrating Successes, Meeting Challenges; Redefining Asian America in the 21st Century

  • Produced CUNY Bulletin of Asian American / Asian Affairs, Vol. 1 - 6

  • Produced CUNY FORUM: Asian American / Asian Studies, Vol. 1 - 3

  • Established a community forum for Asian organizations to conduct outreach

  • Offered workshops on Chinese Calligraphy and Painting; Tai Chi; & Asian Civilizations: Exploration of the Chinese Mind; and Dharma

  • Established an Asian cinema series during the summer and winter sessions

  • Produced a website featuring live webcasting, streaming video, and audio podcast of activities; and instant messaging for live interaction during events or online assistance

  • Established an annual CUNY-wide Asian American Film Festival

  • Established the AAARI/Dr. Thomas Tam Professorship in Asian American and Asian Studies

Plans for the Future
We envision the Asian American / Asian Research Institute to be a financially well-endowed organization, and respected authority regionally, nationally, and internationally on issues concerning Asia, and the Asian American community. It will continue to be a non-partisan research institution and a pan-Asian intellectual and cultural center that addresses the needs of New York's diverse subgroups of Asian origin, and a bridge between the City University of New York, and the Asian American community.

  • Collaborate and provide research opportunities for faculty, with a particular emphasis on new faculty

  • Provide research opportunities for students on Asian American and  Asian affairs

  • Establish professional development opportunities for Asian American faculty and staff, including leadership in higher education



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