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Asian American / Asian Research Institute

The City University of New York

Cable Television Program Proposal

Tentative Airing Date of 1st Episode: March 15, 2003

Episodes Planned: 10

Objective: To promote to the general public our scholars and their research findings. To provide viewers with interesting and informative content regarding noteworthy individuals, perennial issues and major events of Asian Americans within the City University of New York. To help the fundraising efforts of the Asian American / Asian Research Institute

The Asian American / Asian Research Institute is currently in the early stages of creating a regularly scheduled television program for cable TV. The series may be aired in the spring semester of 2003. AAARI plans on creating at least 10 episodes, each with a running time of 30 minutes.

Each episode will be comprised of 4 distinct seven-minute segments

· Synopses Friday Evening Lecture Series

· Round Table Discussions On Perennial Issues

· Arts & Cultural Events

· Spotlight On Individual CUNY Faculty & Staff

Friday Evening Lecture Series: AAARI plans on filming all of its Friday Evening Lecture Series taking place in the fall of 2002, and will break up each lecture into several episodes. This will in turn provide interested viewers a chance to learn more about a specific topic over the course of several weeks.

Round Table Discussions: AAARI plans on selecting a small group of representatives within the City University of New York, to participate in discussions on specific issues concerning Asian Americans. Discussions will cover issues regarding social, community, national and international concerns.

Arts & Cultural Events: AAARI plans on covering events involving Asian Americans within the City University of New York, and those outside the halls of higher education, offering viewers a glimpse into the artistic and cultural beauty of Asian Americans.

Special Profile of CUNY Faculty & Staff: AAARI plans on telling the story of a select group of individuals within the City University of New York, to highlight and make known to the viewing public their important achievements and contributions.

A committee of experts will be created to help guide the development of this cable television program.

The Asian American / Asian Research Institute’s present and most important task is to fund its research projects and to start establishing itself as a credible resource center within the City University of New York. At present, the task is to select an advisory committee of individuals who will help the planning, and implementation of AAARI’s cable television program.

Committee’s Initial Responsibilities –

· Come up with topics of significance for the Round Table Discussion

· Select representatives from the City University to be part of the Round Table

· Select 10 prominent faculty & staff from the City University to be profiled

· Find volunteers to help out, labor wise

Friday Evening Lecture Series: None.

Round Table Discussions: Who should be invited to participate in the round table? When is it convenient for the participants to come in and be taped? What are the important topics and issues for Asian Americans?

Arts & Cultural Events: What type of events should be covered? How do we find out about these events, and come into contact with the individuals hosting these events, in order to tape them?

Special Profile of CUNY Faculty & Staff: Who should be profiled? How should they be profiled?

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