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2004 CUNY Asian American
Film / Media Festival

Date: Friday, May 14, 2004
Time: 6:00PM to 8:00PM

Place: CUNY Graduate Center
Martin E. Segal Theatre
365 5th Avenue, Manhattan
(Corner of 34th Street)

Festival Program

6:00PM - 6:15PM
Awards Ceremony

  • Brian Schwartz, Vice President, Research and Sponsored Programs, CUNY Graduate Center
  • Herman Lew, Chairperson, CUNY Asian American Film / Media Festival
  • Wellington Z. Chen, Member, CUNY Board of Trustees

6:15PM - 7:45PM
Movie Screening

Learning Chinese: The Story of Ting He (Running Time: 8 Min)
Yan Lin, Seward Park High School

The Theory of Pleasurable Constipation (Running Time: 15 Min.)
Min Kuen Choi, MFA, TV Production, Brooklyn College, CUNY

Kaduma (Running Time: 21 Min.)
Alan Raquel, Film, City College, CUNY


No Lights, Big City (Running Time: 6 Min.)
Rioma Kam, Winsie Tow & Juliet Cullen, Immigrant Social Services, Inc.

The Penny (Running Time: 11 Min.)
Mutsumi Onuma, Media Arts & Communication, City College, CUNY

Manthan: The Churning (Running Time: 27 Min.)
Shalini Kantayya, Media Arts Production, City College, CUNY

7:45PM - 8:00PM

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Festival Chairperson: Herman Lew

Festival Coordinator: Nga Trang

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