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Non-AAARI News
1/15: As Parents Age, Asian-Americans
Struggle to Obey a Cultural Code
1/22: AAPI College Students Primarily
Turn to Peers for Academic Advice

2/3: Hyungsik Lim Unlocking the
Mystery of Memories
2/13: Kam Wong, From Young,
Determined Immigrant to NY CEO
2/28: New Initiatives to Expand
Opportunities for AAPIs

3/5: New Book on Postcolonial Citizens
and Ethnic Migration in The
Netherlands and Japan

3/5: Assemblyman Kim Awards LAGCC Students for True "Grit"
3/21: CCNY Sophomore Suprita Datta Named William R. Kenan Scholar
3/21: Baruch Alum Mosharraf Zaidi Among World Economic Forum's Class of 2014 Young Global Leaders
3/21: Baruch Alum Accepted into Techstars Start-up Accelerator to Launch New Business Venture
3/21: CCNY Prof. Luo Participates in Western Pacific Climate Field Mission

3/31: The State of Asian American
3/31: Census Shows Disparities in
Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander

4/3: Queens Immigrant Population
Keeps Booming
Asian American Voter Turnout Lags
Behind Other Groups
4/9: LaGuardia CC Student Takes First
Prize in National Competition for
Research on the Ground Spider
4/14: Fred Ho, Creative Activist and
Musician, Dies at 56
4/15: Vijay Seshadri Becomes First
Asian American to Win Pulitzer Prize for
4/17: QCC Alumna Receives Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergrad Transfer
4/17: CCNY Junior Wins NY Women in
Communications Scholarship
4/30: Asian Americans Gaining Equity
Ground with AANAPISI Designation

5/1: Nearly Half of New Yorkers Are
Struggling to Get By, Study Finds
5/2: LaGuardia CC Professor Wins
Paragon Award for New Advisors
5/6: In a Flourishing Queens, Prosperity
Eludes Some Asian Families
5/7: Amita Gupta Releases New Book
on Diverse Early Childhood Education
Policies and Practices

5/16: Joanna Sit Releases New Poetry Book

5/16: Asian American Life - APA
Heritage Month Special
5/20: Flushing's Diverse Chinese
Culture Attracts New Immigrants

5/22: Brooklyn's Second Chinatown
Expands in Bensonhurst
5/22: Manhattan's Chinatown Fights to
Keep Spot at Center of Chinese Culture
in America

5/23: Health Center Works to Increase
Organ Donations from Asian

5/23: New Courses at City College in
Bengali Gain Popularity
5/29: Students' After School Language
Lessons Translate Well in Chinatown
5/29: New Efforts to Honor Chinese
Railroad Workers - 145 Years Later
5/29: Murphy Institute Launches New
Site for Advancing the Field of Labor
Relations - A US-China Exchange
5/30: The Unspoken History of a
Chinese Family

6/4: Yuri Kochiyama dies at 93; civil rights activist, friend of Malcolm X
6/4: Dr. Gautam Sen Named Dean of
Lehman College School of Natural and
Social Sciences
6/10: Baruch Student Dennis Lee
Receives Gilman International
6/13: Jane Chu Confirmed as Chair of
National Endowment for the Arts
6/16: City Tech Prof Janet Liou-Mark
Honored by Mathematical Association
of America NY Section
6/19: CUNY's 2014 Valedictorians
6/19: Prof Chongmin Na Receives ASC
2014 Outstanding Article Award for
Research in Criminology
6/19: Intervention Programs Having
Positive Impact on AAPI Educational
6/26: US Hispanic and Asian
populations growing, but for different
6/26: Here Lies Progress - Asian Actors
Fill the Playbill
6/26: City Tech Prof Develops Portable
Device to Monitor Air Quality

7/11: City Council Restores CUNY
Merit-based Scholarships
7/17: Getting the Data on a Damaging
7/21: Getting Down to Business
7/21: The Value of Child's Play
7/21: Aplana Bhattacharya - Working to
Help Students on Two Continents
7/21: China's Shaoxing University
models new PT program on CSI
7/21: Edward Kennelly Traveling to
HK on Fulbright to Research
Traditional Chinese Medicine
7/24: Two Asian-American Women
Honored with National Medals of Arts
7/24: Developing a Philosophical

8/14: J.X. Xu Wins CUNY's 1st Cooke
Graduate Arts Award, Heads to Yale

8/15: Global/Local Sunset Park
8/20: Nina McConigley's Book
'Cowboys and East Indians' Wins PEN

9/4: Obama Names Jenny Chao to
Lead Equal Employment Commission

9/16: Asian American ACA Enrollment
'Disproportionately High'

9/16: Full Report - State of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

9/30: 5 Facts About Indian Americans

10/1: - More Than Just
10/1: Recognizing the Critical
Importance of AANAPISIs
10/3: Asian-Americans Make Up The
Fastest Growing Voting Bloc In the
10/8: Political Candidates Should Court
Asian American Voters
10/9: The Kitchen Network - America's
Underground Chinese Restaurant
10/9: Chinese-American Exhibit
Captures Generations of Family History
10/9: Study Finds Asian American
Voices Missing from Sunday Talk

The Real Problem When It
Comes to Diversity and Asian-

President Obama Extends
Wishes for Diwali

10/24: Asian Americans in STEM and

10/28: Asian Americans Boost Their Political Clout

11/4: Where Asian-American and
Latino Issues Meet

11/5: Asian Americans Show Strong
Support for Democratic Candidates in
Midterm Election
11/6: 11 Asian Americans to Serve in
Next Congress
11/11: An American Story with Chinese
11/13: Voices of Chinese-American
Veterans from WWII to Afghanistan
11/13: Northridge Woman Recounts
Challenges of Being First Asian
American Woman to Serve in US Navy
11/13: New Study Reveals Strong
Support for Elder Care in Asian
11/13: Asian American Advocates Say
Immigration Action Falls Short

12/1: Numbers Reveal How Asian
Undocumented  Remain Hidden in
12/4: High Strung Benefit for BMCC
12/4: Cynthia Wiseman Awarded
Fulbright Scholar to Lead Teacher
Training in Rural Vietnam
12/4: New Study by Lehman Prof Could
Lead to Better Crop Yield
12/4: Chitra Raghavan Named 'New
Abolitionist' by Sanctuary for Families
and NYS Anti-Trafficking Coalition

12/11: Honors Student Rwanda-Bound
to Study Genocide Aftermath
12/18: CUNY Expands Scholarship
Program For Immigrant Students
12/18: Jan 13 is now Korean-American
Day in NYC

1/18: Asian American Vote in 2012 Varied by Ethnic Group and Geographic Location

2/8: Pew Study on Second-Generation
Americans - Portrait of the Adult
Children of Immigrants

3/21: Findings on NY Asian American
Vote 2012 Elections & Support for
Immigration Reform

4/8: Sikh Awareness Resources
Updated Ed Pew Report on The Rise of Asian Americans
4/8: Asian Population Growing Faster
Outside New York City in New Report
4/24: State of Asian Americans and
Pacific Islanders

5/1: Nazrul Khandaker Selected to Represent International Section at China 2013 Meeting

6/27: NAPAWF*NYC Health Resource Guide

7/26: New Council Districts Highlight
the Growth and Diversity of Asian New

10/28: NYS Senate and Assembly
Districts Highlight the Growth and
Diversity of Asian New Yorkers

11/12: More than 3.4M Americans trace
ancestry to Philippines

12/16: Report on NYC South Asian
Youth - Critical Mass, Urgent Needs
12/19: Immigration Remakes and
Sustains New York, Report Finds


6/25: Asian American and Pacific Islander Policy Research Consortium Response to Pew Center Report

8/6: AAJA Updates 'Handbook to
Covering Asian America'

9/26: Report on Public Opinion Of a
Growing Electorate: Asian Americans
and Pacific Islanders in 2012

Elderly Asian Women Suicide
Prevention Skills Training Wkshp

9/22: Report 'Issues on Women and Girls, HIV/AIDS and Immigrants'
9/23: CACF 2010 Briefing Book

5/23: Researchers Shape Future of
Facial Recognition Technology

3/10: Thomas Tam Professorship in
Asian-American Studies

4/13: Socio-Cultural Study of Suicide
Attempts Among Chinese in NYC:
Summary of Findings

11/14: Brooklyn College Offers Minor
in Asian Studies

2/10: CCNY Asian Alumni Honor AAARI

5/11: CUNY Asian Student Data

1/4: AAARI Disaster Relief Program

8/11: NYC Council Approves Proposal to Establish an AAARI Production and Publication Center


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  Non-AAARI Opportunities
6/20: FPWA Membership Outreach
  6/20: FPWA Budget & Elderly Welfare
  6/26: LMCC Fund for Creative

  7/8: Research & Evaluation Associate
  7/11: Communications Coordinator
  7/11: P/T Family Advocate -
  Mandarin/Cantonese Speaking
  7/11: Bi-Lingual Crisis Counselor
  7/11: Outreach and Engagement

  8/1: Intake Director for Municipal ID
  8/1: Director of Program Integrity for
  Municipal ID Project
  8/7: CMP Director of Career
  8/7: HSC Policy Analyst
  8/7: P/T Vietnamese Community
  8/7: Case Planner - Preventative
  Services for Children

  8/7: ONA Program Coordinator
  8/7: Service Coordinator
  8/8: Development Assistant - Tilles
  Center for the Performing Arts
  8/8: Director of Education and
  Community Programs - Children's
  Museum of Manhattan
  8/12: Data Scientist
  8/12: Research Assistant
  8/12: Development Officer

  8/14: Program Coordinators for
  Mentoring Programs

  8/20: NYU Center for the Study of Asian
  American Health Internship
  8/21: Asst Prof - Asian/Asian American

  9/4: APICHA Healthcare Jobs
  9/4: Study Abroad in India -
  Documentary Production & Cultural
  Studies (Winter Intersession)

  9/9: MCNY Chair of Human Services
  Programs and Associate or Full
  9/10: CMP Grants Manager
  9/16: Program Coordinators for Middle
  School and High School Mentoring

  9/17: Civic Engagement Associate
  9/25: The Dream.US Scholarship
  9/25: Application - Blueprint for Your
  Business: Workshops for Immigrant
  9/30: Academic Testing Manager

  10/3: Organizer & Communications
  10/3: Neighborhood Planning and
  Policy Manager
  10/8: Volunteers in NY for Asian
  American Poll Monitoring Project
  10/15: All Students Count Act

  10/16: Chhaya CDC Executive Director

  10/17: Shared Savings Clinical

  10/21: Associated Press - General
  Election Job Opportunities
  10/23: Alwan for the Arts Internship
  10/23: Call for Submissions - Alwan
  3rd i Awards

  10/24: Call for Submissions - Harvard
  Asian American Policy Review

  10/24: AAWW Internship
  10/24: Graduate Center - Student
  Development Coordinator

  10/28: Part-Time Peer Educator
  10/28: 2015 Council of Urban
  Professionals Fellow
  10/30: Communities of Color Nonprofit
  Stabilization Fund Application

  11/6: CUNY Nobel Science Challenge
  11/6: RMHC/ASIA Scholarship Program

  11/10: Jobs - MinKwon Center
  11/10: CMP Bookkeeper/Human
  Resources Coordinator
  11/10: Jobs - Queens Community

  11/10: Shelter Manager (Night)
  11/10: Shelter Social Worker
  11/10: Foreclosure Prevention
  11/10: Energy Outreach Counselor
  11/13: Municipal ID Campaign Field
  11/13: Municipal ID Neighborhood
  11/13: Communications and College
  Relations Manager
  11/13: Assistant to Associate University

  11/14: Hodori After-school Program

  11/19: Public Health Interns
  11/21: Confucius China Studies
  Program Joint Research PhD

  12/3: RFP - IDEAS CITY
  12/3: LMCC Workspace Studio
  Residency Program
  12/3: Program Coordinator - League of
  American Orchestras
  12/10: Summar Seminar on Asian
  Americans in NYC - Literature and Film
  12/11: Citizens Committee for NYC
  Neighborhood Grants
  12/11: HERE Artist Residency Program
  12/11: NYFA - Arts Business Incubator
  12/18: NYC Urban Fellows Program

  12/18: Policy Intern

Free/Low Cost English Classes

  12/12: RMHC/ASIA 2014 Scholarship
  Program/Video Contest

  Non-AAARI Events
Waves of Identity - 35
  Years of Archiving
  9/25/14-3/1/15: Memory Prints - The
  Story World of Phillip Chen

Chinese American -
  Exclusion / Inclusion

  10/23: Health Workshop - Green
  Monday Initiative with David Yeung

  1/9-10: Contemporary Dance
  Showcase: Japan + East Asia
From China to America - A
  Musical Journey with Tan Dun and
Film Chinois

  4/20: Artist at the Center - Maxine Hong

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