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Non-AAARI News
1/5: 'We Too Sing America' Author on
Post 9/11 America, Solidarity, and

1/5: Library of Congress Anoints Graphic Novelist as Ambassador for Young People's Literature

Asian Immigrants in the US
1/15: Cancer No. 1 Killer of Asian-Americans, Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders

1/19: New Report Finds Immigrants
Fuel Growth of Asian Voter Population

1/25: Hispanics and Asian-Americans
Face Barriers to Lower Offices, Report
1/25: Ellison Onizuka, First Asian-
American Astronaut, Brought Hawaiian
Spirit to Space

2/1: Where to Celebrate Lunar New
Year 2016 in New York City
2/3: NYC Mayor Appoints Attorney,
Non-profit Worker to Policy Board

2/8: New Lunar New Year Stamp
Draws Inspiration from 'Pioneer in the 
Hawaii Design Industry'
2/8: President Obama Sends Best
Wishes for the Lunar New Year

2/18: New York City Eyes Shortage of
Asian Public-School Teachers

3/9: Cornell Students 'Demand' an
Asian-American Studies Major
The Case for Southeast Asian
Northwestern Asian American
Studies Major Created
SFSU College of Ethnic Studies
Fights for Budget Survival, Wins Year
3/11: Asian and Obesity - Looks Can
Be Deceiving
3/11: International Women's Day 2016 -
A Spotlight on AAPI Leaders,
3/16: Behind Barbed Wire -
Remembering America's Largest
Internment Camp
3/18: How US Immigration Law Fueled
A Chinese Restaurant Boom
3/18: NYPD Hosts Hate Crime Forum
to Address Community Concerns,
3/22: Pioneering Asian American
Scholar Don T. Nakanishi Dies

4/12: SWTB - Asian Americans Studies
4/13: Committee of 100 Releases
2016 US-Chnia Public Perceptions
Snapshot Survey
4/14: Celebrating Vaisakhi - The Story
Behind the Sikh Festival

4/14: BMCC Receives NEH Award for Asian American Studies Project

4/18: As NY Primary Approaches,
Advocates Focus on Getting Out the
4/18: In Close Race, 'Unprecedented'
Push for Asian American Voters Come
to NY
4/19: Viet Thanh Nguyen Wins Fiction
Pulitzer Prize for Debut Novel
Clinton, Trump Win NY Chinatown
Voters Amid Election Day Issues
4/26: Advocates Call for Voting Reform
Following Reported NY Primary

5/2: New Report Illustrates Disparities
in Elder Asian-American Community
5/3: The Asian Americans and Pacific
Islanders of the Obama Administration
5/3: The Officer Who Opened the US
Navy for Asian-American Women
5/5: Study - Diversity in NY Theater
Roles Rose in 2014-15 Season
5/10: Model Minority Myth, Data
Aggregation Masks Alcohol Issues
5/10: New Immigration Rule Enables
Filipino WWII Vets to Reunite with
5/11: Congress sends bill eliminating
"Oriental' from law to Obama
5/12: Squeezed By Rents, Stagnant
Incomes, Communities Find Solutions
5/12: New Smithsonian Digital
Exhibition Honors Japanese-American
5/12: A Lookback at the Decades-Long
Embargoed Incarceration Camp
5/12: The Challenges of Polling Asian
5/23: Inclusion, Not Exclusion - Spring
2016 Asian American Voter Survey
5/23: Are Asian Americans Really
Healthier Than Everyone Else?
5/23: President Obama Signs Bill
Eliminating 'Oriental' From Federal Law
5/24: Asian American Blazed Political
Trails in Flushing 25 Years Ago
5/24: Political Participation Among
Chinese Americans in Manhattan on
the Rise
5/24: Issues Remain as Asian-
American and Pacific Islander
Population Grows
5/24: Asian-American Actors Are
Fighting for Visibility

6/21: NY Lawmakers Ask Obama to
Formally Apologize for Chinese
Exclusion Act
6/23: Asians Remain Fatest-Growing
US Group as Pacific Islanders, Mixed-
Race Numbers Grow
6/23: Hispanics, Asian Americans
Among Most Purged Voters in NYC
6/24: Asian-American Leaders Vow
Continued Work After SCOTUS
Immigration Decision
6/29: Dean Christopher Rosa Named
Interim VC for Student Affairs
6/29: SWTB - Study Abroad in Korea
6/29: Three Years After SCOTUS Case
Weakened Voting Rights Act, Leaders
Call for New Protections

7/22: US Congressman Mark Takai of
Hawaii Dies
7/22: Congressional Gold Medal
Proposal for Filipino Vets Passes
Senate, Heads to House

8/1: Rep. Grace Meng Elected Vice
Chair of Democratic National
8/2: How a Chinese-Jamaican's family
history quest led her to Hong Kong
8/2: Why Data Matters When It Comes
to AAPIs and Education
8/10: New Competition Seeks Creative
Solutions to 'Elevate' Data on Asian
Americans and Pacific Islanders
8/10: 'War Brides of Japan'  To Take
Focus in New Documentary
8/11: More Latinos, Asians in
Multigenerational Households
8/12: Highlighting Bullying Prevention
Efforts for the AAPI Community
8/19: The Burden of Being Asian
American on Campus
8/22: Asian American Population
Surges, But Voter Turnout Still Lacks
8/26: New Report on Asian Elders in
New York City

9/6: City College Student Receives
Gilman International Scholarship
9/7: New Book on Challenges for
Korean-Language Teachers
9/7: Encouraging Asians and Pacific
Islanders to Apply for DACA

9/16: 15 Years After 9/11 Founding, The
Sikh Coalition Builds a 'Path Forward'

9/16: Asian Americans See Mixed
Results in NY Primary Elections
9/16: Niou's Victory Spotlights the
Diverse Communities Living in Lower
9/16: Chinese Votes Key to Niou's
9/20: Young Adults Speak Out About
Encountering Islamophobia
9/22: Author Gene Luen Yang Among
2016 MacArthur 'Genius' Grantees
9/27: Where Do Stereotypes About
Asian-American Men Come From
9/27: Cancer Rates Vary Among Asian
Ethnic Groups, Study Finds
9/27: CA Governor Signs Bill to
Disaggregate Asian-American Health
9/28: AARP Interactive Tool to Search
and Visualize AAPI  Data
9/29: Five Years Later, Pvt. Danny
Chen's Family Fights to Keep His
Memory Alive

10/6: Fox Reporter Accused of Racism
for Chinatown Interviews Expresses
10/6: More Asian-Americans Are
Identifying as Democrats, Survey Finds

10/6: After Two Decades, Filipino-
American Museum Scheduled to Open

10/7: Chinatown Responds as Fox
Reporter Defends 'Tongue-In-Cheek'
Brooklyn College Professor
Neng-Fa Zhou wins Grand Prize at
Media Lab Summit with Students

1/7: Capitol Gain - Three New Asian-
American Members Join Congress
1/14: AARP Report - Health &
Healthcare of AAPI Age 50+

1/30: Study Reveals Ignorance of Sikhs and Their Culture in US
1/30: Chinese Immigrants in the US

3/12: New Report on AAPIs in the
Workforce and Business
3/19: Chinese Migrant Given US Law
License 125 Years On

4/2: Report on Low-Income Asian
Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI)
are Financially Vulnerable, Lack Access
to the Financial Mainstream

4/9: Accomplished Dancer to be NYC's
First Female Indian-American Judge
4/16: With an Influx of Newcomers,
Little Chinatowns Dot a Changing

5/6: NAPAWF-NYC Health Resource
Guide, 2015 Edition
5/6: Glass Ceiling for Asian Americans
3.7x Times Harder to Crack
5/12: Asian American Voters to Double
in Number by 2040
5/21: Asian Immigrants in the US Today

6/5: Why You Should Care About The
Bullying of Asian American Youth
6/5: Newest Report Shows Imbalance
in City's Contract Awards and Dollars to
Asian American Organizations
6/15: Multiracial in America
6/24: Lunar New Year Added to NY
Public School Calendar
6/24: Map Shows Impact of Hispanic
and Asian Votes in Upcoming Elections

6/30: 'Living Legend' Susan Ahn Cuddy
Passes Away at 100

7/7: Reaching Undocumented AAPIs in
the United States
7/10: Chinese Immigrants Now Largest
Group of New Arrivals to US

7/17: New Policy Paves Way for WWII
Filipino Veterans to Reunite with Family

8/6: Asian Americans Impacted by
Voting Rights Act

9/4: The Making of Asian America
9/9: More Than Half of Asian Americans
with Diabetes Are Undiagnosed
9/16: How Asian-American Voters Went
from Republican to Democratic
9/22: Asian American and Pacific
Islander Voters
9/28: How Has Chinatown Stayed
9/29: Asians Expected to Surpass
Latinos as America's Largest
Immigrant Group

10/6: Activist, Civil Rights Icon Grace
Lee Boggs Dies at 100
AAARI Co-Founder, Betty Lee Sung Publishes Memoir at Age 90
10/9: First Asian-American Woman to Win Olympic Gold Medal Gets New Recognition

10/15: Digital Project Aims to Preserve
Stories of Incarcerated Japanese

10/15: How Asian-Americans Have
Redefined What It Means To Be
10/16: NYC's Asian Boomers Lack
Retirement Savings
10/28: 'Plum Blossoms' Aims to
Empower Asian-American Women with
Breast Cancer
10/29: Asian American Entrepreneurs -
Most Likely To Hire Other Workers
10/30: Korean Americans Are
Reclaiming Their History Through

11/4: Addressing the Impact of Asian
Stereotypes on Youth & Professionals
11/6: Documentary 'In Jackson Heights'
focuses on South Asian Americans in
America's most diverse neighborhood
11/13: No Longer 'The Only One'? This
Year, Things Changed for Asian-
Americans on TV
11/13: Meeting with Mayor DeBlasio to
Discuss Social Services for the Asian
American Community
11/17: Minoru Yasui to Receive
Presidential Medal of Freedom
11/17: Asian Americans Add to
Diversifying NY Fire Dept
11/23: Korean Adoptees Speak Out On
Their Struggle

12/4: Courting the Youth Vote - How
Both Parties Plan to Target Asian-
American Millennials
12/4: US House Votes to Remove the
Word 'Oriental' from Federal Law
12/4: George Sakato, 94, Dies;
Awarded Medal of Honor
12/15: Study Shows Decline in New
Diabetes Cases, But Lacks Specific
Data for Asian Americans
12/16: At Immigration Conference,
Asian Americans Discuss Language
Access, DACA Enrollment
12/17: FDNY Mandarin Class Teaches
Work Skills, Bridges Culture Gaps
When History Repeats - What
Leaders Can Learn from Anti-Asian
Laws in US History

12/31: New Report Links Filial Piety,
Depression Among Chinese-American
12/31: New Loan Forgiveness Program
Unveiled in NYS

3/31: The State of Asian American
3/31: Census Shows Disparities in
Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander

4/3: Queens Immigrant Population
Keeps Booming

8/15: Global/Local Sunset Park

11/11: An American Story with Chinese
11/13: Voices of Chinese-American
Veterans from WWII to Afghanistan
11/13: Northridge Woman Recounts
Challenges of Being First Asian
American Woman to Serve in US Navy
11/13: New Study Reveals Strong
Support for Elder Care in Asian
11/13: Asian American Advocates Say
Immigration Action Falls Short

4/8: Sikh Awareness Resources
Updated Ed Pew Report on The Rise of Asian Americans

10/28: NYS Senate and Assembly
Districts Highlight the Growth and
Diversity of Asian New Yorkers

12/16: Report on NYC South Asian
Youth - Critical Mass, Urgent Needs


6/25: Asian American and Pacific Islander Policy Research Consortium Response to Pew Center Report

8/6: AAJA Updates 'Handbook to
Covering Asian America'

Elderly Asian Women Suicide
Prevention Skills Training Wkshp

9/22: Report 'Issues on Women and Girls, HIV/AIDS and Immigrants'
9/23: CACF 2010 Briefing Book

5/23: Researchers Shape Future of
Facial Recognition Technology

3/10: Thomas Tam Professorship in
Asian-American Studies

4/13: Socio-Cultural Study of Suicide
Attempts Among Chinese in NYC:
Summary of Findings

11/14: Brooklyn College Offers Minor
in Asian Studies

2/10: CCNY Asian Alumni Honor AAARI

5/11: CUNY Asian Student Data

1/4: AAARI Disaster Relief Program

8/11: NYC Council Approves Proposal to Establish an AAARI Production and Publication Center


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  12/23: CUNY Thomas Tam Visiting

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  2/4: John D. Solomon Fellowship for
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  6/1: Call for Research Proposals -
  Topics in Higher Education
  6/29: Call for Papers - Chinese
  Pluralities Through the Americas

  7/1: City College Study Abroad in New
  Dheli, India (Winter Program)

  7/12: Call for Proposals - Comparative
  Racialization and the Future of Asian
  American Studies in NYC
  7/19: EEO Research Specialist
  7/22: Chinatown Beautification Day and
  Youth Conference Facilitator
  7/22: NYPR SVP & General Manager
  7/22: NYC Council Director of
  Scheduling and Advance

  8/2: Atlas DIY Exec Director
  8/9: AAWW Internship
  8/9: Sexual Assault Program Advocate
  8/9: Service Coordinator
  8/9: Case Planner

  8/10: BBBS Associate Program
  Manager - Bilingual Cantonese

  8/10: AALDEF Asian American Exit Poll
  and Poll Monitoring Project

  8/11: Paid Market Research Study for
  Immigrants to US

/16: Virtual Senior Center Bilingual
  Volunteers to Facilitate Online Classes

  8:19: Assistant or Associate Professor,
  Asian American Studies, Northwestern
  8/19: Portraits of New York City Small
  Grants Challenge
  8/25: Manhattan Community Award
  8/26: Communities of Color Nonprofit
  Stabilization Fund - Request for

  9/2: We Are All NY Fellowship
  9/2: HBO APA Visionaries Short Film
  9/2: D.E. Shaw Group Full-Time &
  Internship Positions
  9/2: Assistant Director Diversity,
  Inclusion and Multicultural Education
  9/7: Assistant Dean, Yale College and
  Director, AA Cultural Center
  9/7: Exec Director, Chinatown YMCA
  9/7: P/T Program Assistant
  9/7: Education and Outreach
  9/7: Bilingual Community Health
  9/8: Development Intern

  9/9: Brooklyn College - Study Abroad in

  9/9: Hunter College AASP Undergrad
  Scholarship & Research Grant for Asia
  American Studies Minors
  9/16: After School Staff and Operations
  9/16: Coordinator of Asian American
  9/23: Asst Prof - Asian American and/or
  Transnational Asian Lit and Cultures

  9/23: Asian Youth in Action Leadership

  9/28: Asian American Studies Faculty,
  San Jose State University

  10/11: Coordinator, Cross Cultural

  10/17: Manavi F/T & P/T Advocate
  10/18: Executive Director, NASW-NYC

  10/21: Director of Policy
  10/21: National Organizer & Policy
  10/21: Asset Building Program
  10/25: Director of Development
  10/25: Exec Dir, Arab American Family
  Support Center
  10/25: Program Manager, LMCC
  10/25: Exec Dir, Artists Space

Research Study - Recruiting
  Chinese, Dominican, Mexican &
  Turkish American Professionals in

  12/21: AALDEF 2016 Summer Interns

Free/Low Cost English Classes

  Non-AAARI Events
  10/22-12/3: Expanding the Boundaries
  of Chinese Poetry
Roundtable for Theater Artists
Mah Jongg in Jewish and
  Chinese Heritage
3rd Annual CUNY Community
  College Innovation Challenge
  10/29: Reunification - Screening
  10/30: Obake Family Day

  11/2: Tour of East New York
Working with Asian American
  Families Across the Lifespan
Asian Diversity Career Expo
  11/5: Korean American Religious
The Paradox of Rights - Sunaina
  Marr Maira & A. Naomi Paik
  11/11: Sounds to Summon the
  Japanese Gods
NYC's Economic Engine -
  Contributions & Challenges of Asian
  Small Businesses

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